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An inventive venture studio for Content Creators, Ideas, Brands and Start-ups

Our Founder

From sketch to shelf, our founder has 12+ years experience as a VP in the world of Design, Retail and Brand Licensing. Specialising in launching ideas and strategies that expand brand potential through R&D, product development, manufacturing, compliance and delivering products globally at retail with some incredible brands.

Who We Are

We simply love creating and launching something awesome for brands and entrepreneurs. We take an inventive and design thinking approach to create ideas, concepts, plans and strategies through to full-service management of product development, manufacturing, e-commerce and fulfilment to build your brand and equity value.

With a natural curiosity for brand values, challenges derived from user insights, the influence of technology in retail, play & education and expertise in manufacturing, we have the right balance of future thinking, creativity and commercial know-how to solve briefs and craft innovative opportunities.

With brand integrity at the heart of what we do, we work to align Product Design, Quality Assurance, Ethical and Sustainable standards required to your brand values, future-proof for placement at retail globally.

Our Approach

When we undertake a project or partnership, we fully immerse ourselves to ensure every detail, every touchpoint and every connection your brand or product can make with your audience is thoughtful, consistent and impactful. 


Understanding consumers, markets and trends through to your ideas, challenges and vision, we always start here to ensure we build on the right foundation, and in the right direction. 


More than just keeping all stakeholders informed, we take a transparent and honest approach in all we do, sharing, ideating and iterating aspects of projects to innovate together.


During each phase, we continuously shape and craft our work to get the right balance of commercial viability, technical feasibility and design desirability to meet your objectives. 


Everything you need to ‘go-to-market’ from brand assets, final production of goods and logistics to e-commerce, media plans and retail activations to connect with your audience.

Work With Us

Whether you are a prospering Influencer ready to create a unique brand and product range, a start-up, successfully crowdfunded with scale-up challenges or an established brand with heritage looking to adapt, reinvent or innovate within your consumer product line, we are versatile and adaptable future thinkers with the secret sauce you’re looking for.







Talent Agency

Brand Owner


How We Work

Collaborate with us to benefit from our extensive global network to create IP, product lines, full scale manufacturing, logistics, e-commerce and content creation for TV and digital media to empower your business. 


Bringing us on board is like leasing a Chief Innovation Officer to inject some ideas, creativity and direction for your brand, product, strategy, marketing and media at any stage. Short or long term, this is sure to keep you agile and innovative throughout your venture. 

Contract Partnerships

Get your idea off the ground and collaborate with us for complete OEM and ODM projects from brand and IP creation, through to all phases across sourcing, concept design, packaging, product development, pre-production, production, QA and shipping. 

Joint Ventures

Equity share opportunities with investment of seed capital and/or resources. This full service includes the on-going benefits of Consultancy and Contract Partnerships in addition to the warehousing, e-commerce, media planning and customer order delivery.

Let’s Talk

If you want to build a brand and product range to monetise, elevate what you currently have, discuss a challenge, create a new strategy or simply launch an idea, we would love to hear from you and kick start your vision.

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